Main Gazane Lightning Strikes (2003)

Main Gazane Hip Space (2006) Apria

Main Gazane Imagine (2007)

Main Gazane Tit For Tat (2010)

Eliot Zigmond Trio Standard Fare (2012) Steeplechase

Mark Minchello/Bob Hanlon Trinomial (2014) Steeplelechase

Fortuna/Goldsbury/Minchello/Grassi Last of the Beboppers (2014) FM

Mark Minchello Ballads With Friends (2015)

The Funky Organics (2016) Chicken Coup(Summit)

Mark Minchello/Bob HanlonCamaraderie(2017)Steeplechase

The Quantum Quintet (2017)digital release

The Funky Organics(2018)Wurlirama(Arabesque)

New CD from Mark Minchello Quartet

fFeaturing Anton Denner on flute. Just released on CD Baby and all the streaming sights.

WPRB 103.3 FM

WPRB 103.3 FM lead off their show with new Mark Minchello Quartet track Serenade To A Cuckoo.

New Funky Organics

2nd Funky Organics project Wurlirama was  released on Arabesque Records.Its a quintet featuring tenor,trumpet,bass & drums and Wurlitzer piano.

The Quantum Quintet

 The Quantum Quintet out on CD baby and all streaming sights.

Steeplechase CD


Bob Hanlon and Mark Minchello


with Vic Juris and Bob Devos

 on Steeplechase

...check it out on Spotify..