New Main Gazane album to be released

Obviously everything has been upended by the pandemic, however, every problem creates an opportunity.

Rick Savage and I have been working on a new Main Gazane smooth jazz project. We are recording original arrangements of standards in a unique style. Other great musicians have also been contributing parts to this project.The album will be released in November 2020.

Check out the sample in the audio page..

I also have a new CD from the Mark Minchello Quartet featuring Anton Denner on flute. Its getting good radio play. Check out a track on the audio page.

Another project by the Funky Organics, "Wurlirama"  was released on Arabesque Records. It features Anton Denner, Leo Huppert, Nick Scheuble and Rick Savage. Its a bluesy project with myself playing the classic Wurlitzer piano with tenor, trumpet, bass & drums.

I have a single available on CD Baby and all the streaming sights. It's an acid jazz cover of Billy Preston and Syreeta's song "With You I'm Born Again". The single features Rick Savage on trumpet.

 I also released a project titled "The Quantum Quintet".  It features: Bob Hanlon-tenor, Rick Savage-trumpet, Pete McDonald-drums, Leo Huppert- bass, and myself on piano. It has the classic Blue Note sound.

 My  project with saxophonist Bob Hanlon is on Steeplechase Records. This is our second CD together. The  project features the late Vic Juris and guitarist Bob Devos, myself on Hammond organ, and other great players.

My soul jazz group The Funky Organics  released its debut CD on Summit (Chicken Coup) Records with  a national radio campaign . Check out the ad for the CD in Jazztimes. The second Funky Organics album "Wurlirama" is out on Arabesque Records.

 "Mark Minchello Ballads with Friends"  was  released digitally. It's available on CD Baby. Amazon and Itunes. It also can be streamed on Spotify.

I'm also a member of the  Fortuna/Goldsbury/Minchello/Grassi Quartet. Our CD "Last Of The Beboppers" is out in Europe on the jazz label FM.





New Main Gazane singles "Milestones and "Summertime"

The Mark Minchello Quartet featuring Anton Denner

The Funky Organics Wurlirama on Arabesque Records

Camaraderie on Steeplechase Records with Bob Hanlon and Vic Juris

Quantum Quintet